Festive Upcycled Obi Christmas Stockings

What makes a perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves Japan? A Christmas stocking made out of a vintage obi!

Etsy seller SamuraiSeamstress has been making some beautiful Christmas stockings on their store, which just opened up this year.

Many people upcycle vintage obis into clutches and bags, but this is one of the rarer designs. These make perfect ways to show off the unique embroidery and designs of obis. Since they’ll be far away from anything that could stain them, you can potentially use these for decades. Also, not only are they made from reclaimed materials, but they are also great for the environment if you get this instead of single-use things like lights, stickers, and plastic trees.

The gorgeous shining embroidery and vibrant colors will make your Christmas decorations stand out.

Obis are the sashes used along with kimonos, and have a range of patterns and styles. They are oftentimes made to be much more visually appealing than the kimonos themselves. This makes them perfect to be made into smaller, oftentimes one-of-a-kind items.

Now is a great time to support this new seller and get a loved one a beautiful, handmade gift.

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