Buying Kimonos at Kyoto Pawn Shops

It’s actually quite difficult to find kimonos at pawn shops and similar placed in Kyoto. Most big places don’t have them, and if they do, they’re usually overpriced. Specialty shops that sell only used kimonos or used culturally Japanese goods usually overprice their kimonos, so we’re just looking at pawn shops right now.

We’ve already given some tips on buying kimonos in Kyoto, but the best ways to find pawn shops in Japan is to search for “リサイクルショップ,” “セカンド,” “古着,” and similar things.

リサイクルショップ or just リサイクル is a transliteration of “recycle/recycle shop.” It’s probably the most common term for finding pawn shops in Japan.

セカンド is also a transliteration, but this time of “second.” It stands for “second-hand shop,” but there’s a chain called セカンドストリート (“Second Street”), which gets in the way of finding pawn shops that actually do sell kimonos.

“古着” just means “used clothes,” but it’s probably the hardest way to find used kimonos. You’ll usually get places to find Western-style clothes and not kimonos.

Most pawn shops in Kyoto won’t have websites, so you’ll have to rely on online reviews, blogs (like this one), and and Google Maps to find which pawn shops have kimonos.

Perhaps one of the best things to do in Kyoto is ride your bike around and look for pawn shops. Parking might be quite difficult, but if you are only in the pawn shop for 5-15 minutes, it is usually fine to park in front of it.

Here’s a list of pawn shops in Kyoto that do sell kimonos:

Better Days (ベッターデイズ) 京都市上京区今出川通七本松西入ル 東今小路町744-35

Hard Off/Off House Uji Okubo (ハードオフ宇治大久保店) 京都府宇治市大久保町旦椋89-1

Treasure Warehouse Uji (お宝倉庫宇治店) 京都府久世郡久御山町 栄2丁目1−133

Outlets & Recycle Plaza WAKUWAKU Shijō Omiya (WAKUWAKU 四条大宮店) 京都府京都市中京区壬生賀陽御所町77−1

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